Hookamax Dive Systems has been providing high quality, affordable hookah diving systems to clients all over the world for nearly two decades!  Our products provide the consumer with extreme functionality and value.  We produce our products in Constantine, Michigan, in the heart of Midwest manufacturing and ship them factory direct to you all over the world.

Our 12'000 square foot manufacturing facility is open Monday thru Friday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and our staff of customer service, technical support and sales professionals are always eager to assist you with any hookah related questions, purchasing or, support.

At Hookamax Dive Systems your safety is our top priority.  Our systems are built utilizing breathable air components and FDA certified dive hose.  In today's market several basement made copies that resemble Hookamax units have emerged.  These home builders use hardware store components and hoses under a fictitious name claiming that they are non-toxic, which is not the case.   All legitimate manufacturers of actual hookah diving systems can provide you with their hose certification.  At Hookamax our FDA certification is stamped right on the hose and written copies are available upon request.

All Hookamax hookah diving systems come with a complete 1 year factory warranty.  Please contact us for the details of our warranty.

Hookamax Dive Systems has a large inventory on hand at any given time and ships out same or next business day.  Please contact us with any further questions and thanks for taking the time to view our site! 

The Hookamax Team


Surface Supplied Air Diving Systems

Complete hookah diving systems starting at $849!

Hookamax electric hookah dive systems plug directly into any standard 110 volt power source and are ideal for all types of diving to include; boat cleaning, cruising, pool repair and much more!  Our AC 110 volt hookah diving systems are extremely quiet, high powered and affordable!

Complete hookah diving systems starting at $849!

Hookamax 12 volt hookah diving systems are battery (DC) powered and are ideal for cruising, recreational usage, boat cleaning, commercial usage and much more!  Take a moment and let us introduce you to the most powerful, yet affordable breathing grade 12 volt hookah diving systems on the market.

Summer rebate of $50 on all 12 volt hookah diving systems!

​​​Complete hookah diving systems starting at $1599!

Hookamax gasoline/petrol hookah diving systems are powered by gasoline and are ideal for multi-diver, recreational usage, cruising, commercial operation and much more!  The legendary Hookamax G2005C is a fully complaint commercial grade diving hookah that outperforms the competition at a fraction of the price!

The best value in gasoline hookah diving!!  Unbeatable prices!

Hookah diving systems for sale