The Dive Bell:  In the 17th century, divers used bells to salvage wrecks, staying as long as two hours at a depth of up to 50 feet.  Air was replenished from lead lined barrels dropped from the surface.

The first Hookah diving systems:  By the late 18th and early 19th centuries,  hookah diving equipment began to appear, where surface supplied air was pumped constantly to the diver. Divers no longer had to return to a dive bell.

Hookah diving vs. scuba diving:  Hookah diving and Scuba diving are much different although they are still very much the same.  Scuba diving systems give the user the freedom to roam about without the consideration of a dive hose.  However, hookah diving has become an extremely fast growing hobby due to the high price of scuba tank fills and the cost of all equipment necessary to scuba dive.  Most commercial divers and boat cleaners use hookah diving technology due to its cost effectiveness and conveyance. 

Types of hookah diving systems: Dynamic hookah diving systems provide continuous change, motion, or progress.  Hookah diving systems that utilize an engine or motor that continuously drives a diving compressor pump such as; the Hookamax Dive Systems gasoline/petrol, battery (12 volt hookah) or electric (110 volt) hookahs are examples of dynamic hookah diving Systems.  

Static hookah diving systems are defined by the absence of continuous change, motion or progress.  Hookah systems that have no moving parts but utilize an air reserve such as a scuba cylinder equipped with a hookah diving hose, are static systems.  Static hookah diving systems are sometimes also referred to as surface scuba. 



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The importance of proper hookah diving equipment:  As with any industry; there are good and bad companies in the marketplace.  Hookamax is proud to be one of the companies that produces high quality hookah diving systems, built and designed by professionals that care about your safety.  Hookamax Dive Systems has been a leader in the hookah diving industry for over fifteen years.  Unfortunately, several home based businesses posing as actual companies pop up every few years and assemble so-called hookah diving systems by utilizing over the counter components to include dangerous PVC air hoses.  Breathable air grade hoses (food grade hoses) are manufactured using a special process that ensures that the hoses don't gas off toxic, cancer causing toxins that are found in standard PVC air hoses.  Breathing grade hoses all contain a special food grade liner that is clear.  All breathing grade hoses have special stamping on the hose that designates it as a breathing, or food grade dive hose.  All legitimate hookah companies are willing to supply you with a copy of their hose certification if you ask.  Currently all breathing air hoses on the market are either yellow, or occasionally black.  If the hose is another color or does not say breathing or food grade, don't breath through it.  The con-men try their best to make their hoses look like the real thing and in most cases even use a yellow hose.  If there is no stamping on the hose simply unscrew the end and examine the liner, or contact the company that manufactured the hose and ask for a certification.  Several home based sellers are currently falsely advertising their toxic hoses are non-toxic or breathing grade when they are not.  It is your health and your safety so please do your research!

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